Sunday, November 16, 2008

Roger rogered at last

8 days since election. Nice break from blogging for a couple of days.

A deal in record time. See Liarbour, this is how it is done. All parties on board at no real policy cost to any party involved. Unlikely that National will be able to break right as previously blogged, because one partner can be played against the other.

ACT has been neutered and sidelined, with the real threat from the dinosaur rogered. A couple of their policies have been agreed to. There could be some friction between opposite sides as the razor gang goes heavily into Maori Affairs.

The separatist racially based Maori Party has got to the table in a supposedly inclusive government. One can only wonder how long that might last when they find that after the agreed review of the Foreshore and Seabed that there is no desire to handover our beaches to them so they can issue licences for recreational fishing and charge to sunbathe and swim. Yeah right!

Still it is a relatively good start. Maybe both junior partners with some trough experience might learn that pollies can do sod all to fix all the social ills of our country.

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