Monday, November 17, 2008

School of Hard Knocks Graduation Parade

Fresh from the University of Life, Westie ex dishwasher solo mum, Paula Bennett has been promoted to Social Development Minister.
"Lecturers would be spouting off on sociology, psychology, social work and this sort of stuff. One day I sat there and I realised I know all this, this is just fancy names relating to the life I've lived.

Ready for the challenges, with practical experience. Not like the previous bunch of academic misfits we have endured for the past nine years. Someone who has actually been through the school of hard knocks will have the necessary skills and should be able to cut through the crap that come from the agencies that feed this ministry.



Barnsley Bill said...

At last a few role models in leadership roles. I have posted on paula as well and hat tipped your fine post.

PM of NZ said...


Barnsley Bill said...

ha ha

Barnsley Bill said...

oh, get it now. tvm means something else down here in the cellar.. You are welcome.

PM of NZ said...

BB, Excuse me for my ignorance.

'Ta Very Much' is my interpretation. What's yours?

Would googling it lead to the depths of depravity in your cellar?