Monday, November 03, 2008

Election quiz result: Dancing With The Shrubs

I have done the quiz over at Pundits' shop a few times.

First attempt gave a suspected error in the results, ie to vote for Act. So I did it again a few days later, this time Liarbour was in the mix. Liarbour was not in the list in the early version and in the second attempt, was rightly confirmed to be at the bottom of my result. Good stuff I thought, I'll stick with the Blue team.

Both times unfortunately Act came to the top of the heap. Wrong result, Roger Douglas is not a person I want anywhere near my ideal government, thank you. Act has some eminently sensible ideas, Lindsay is on the ball with welfare. One has to ask why, apart from Rodders of DWTS fame, why do Actoids consistently poll so low? What is so wrong with their policies that Joe Voter does not get their message?

Anyway, today I see that Tane over at the Standard (long suspected to be a publicly funded Liarbour blog) has been and done the quiz. Some other lefties have done it also, all with really disturbing results. Like Tree Huggers in the high 80's.

I wondered how one could get such a result, so back over to Pundit's place and this time, with a feeling of absolute revulsion, I selected answers the exact opposite of what I might normally choose.

The result - a shrub hugger at a low 81%. To get such a result I had to select eternal welfarism, adopt environmental legislation from hell by nanny state and entertain socialists running my family day to day. And that is a poor result for those at the taxpayers' blog.

I felt sick to my core. Having such a world view is not right. Goverment in my book is about foreign policies, leadership, economy, promoting law and order, facilitating health and education via minimum taxes. It is certainly not nanny state, how to run my family, prescriptive education and expensive useless environmental legislation.

Get over to Pundit and have a go. Are you in the real world or dancing in the forest?

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