Monday, November 24, 2008

Updated: Haka past it's seen by date?

The haka has become tiresomely irksome; an occasional and once diverting wheeze has long passed its sell-by date. Both rugby codes have been subjected this month to a tedious basinful of this now charmless eye-rolling, tongue-squirming dance.

I certainly would agree with that. Feel absolutely sick every time I see it, thinking here we go again, another NZ team prostituting themselves. I have never been enthused by the war dance, if you could call it that. I cringe every time I see it being performed, both on and off the field.

Seems others feel the same.
The 2005 British Lions Test captaincy of Brian O'Driscoll lasted just 40 seconds before, appallingly, he was spear-tackled straight to hospital after apparently "disrespecting" the stupid stomp, the dreaded Kiwi caper.

Maybe still smarting?

Original above: 21/11

Updated: 24/11
It's only graceless and charmless [to them] because they haven't got a culture like we've got

Tossing his balls, Buck Shelford puts in his tuppence worth above.
That is Maori culture and that's the way it is.

Would that be the same culture in play?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the original haka all about some bloke hiding in a kumara patch under some woman's skirt, remarking on his immediate surroundings, and then emerging when the coast was clear, jumping up and down, rolling his eyes and poking his tongue out at the backs of the departing warriors he had been hiding from?
Pretty fear-inducing stuff.
Lucky they were out of earshot or they would have been in big ....
Hang on!
Something must have been lost in translation.

Oswald Bastable said...

That primate threat-display is totally overdone!

FFS- if they must do it- save it for major tests on a home ground.