Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Greedy bitch gets slapped with a wet bus ticket

this defendant still has a sense of entitlement and perhaps a lack of appreciation of the wrongness that has been done

The fake certificates had been used "so you could obtain sickness benefit at a time when you were ineligible for the unemployment benefit because there was plenty of work out there if you chose to do it", he said. "So, in other words, it seemed easier to you to go on the sickness benefit than to go and do the work ...

"The offending could be described as greedy and lazy ... It's got the added characteristic of involving getting stuck into public funds put aside for people who are in real need.

No doubt, a succinct summary of the typical WINZ client living off my taxes redistributed by Liarbour to the 'needy'.

Should have been locked up, not given a soft sentence.

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