Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rodney shot his bolt early

It appears from commentary today around the traps that Rodders may have been a bit premature signing up to confidence and supply quickly the other day. Got a sniff and it was all over.

Punters are not happy given that 4% of the vote went to Act they don't get a seat at the top trough. Others who had a minuscule percentage or a totally out of proportion result based purely on race have been offered a place to swill.

As I have said before, this is a good outcome. Roger is neutered and the separatist elements are quietened. Having both in play will kill any radical elements.

I suspect Rodders will be getting some overt advice from a certain quarter on his 'condition' and await the fallout. I fear that area will always be contentious and John Key is correct in trying to lessen the potential of any future Act disruptions. By Sunday we should know whether the offers to the other party also calms their pre-nuptial nerves.

Meanwhile the courtship continues.

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