Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Susan Couch Press Release


Sole survivor of the 2001 RSA killings, Susan Couch, has made a statement in regards to the recent controversy surrounding NZ First’s donation to the Sue Couch Victims Trust.

The Auckland part time working mother who was left for dead following the tragic events in 2001 says she is saddened by the arguments raised which question the Trust’s integrity.

Sue Couch says: “The donations will be used to benefit victims of violent crime placed in a similar situation to my own.”

Susan Couch was working at the Panmure RSA when she was attacked, beaten and left for dead by convicted murderer William Bell in December 2001. She suffered severe injuries but was not covered by any ACC lump sum compensation. Couch says the lack of Government support to victims of violent crime is a serious issue.

“My financial plight is real, as are those of other victims of serious crime. I appreciate the donation by Winston Peters and all others who have donated money to this very important Trust,” she says.

The Trust is currently in the process of being registered. Once it has been established Sue Couch will be listed as patron.

Couch also disapproves the negative commentary surrounding the involvement of her lawyers, Brian Henry and Dennis Gates to the Trust and to her case. “They have spent many hours working on my legal case, fighting to help me receive an account from the Government Department who failed to protect both myself and the public by releasing Bell on parole. They have done this work without being paid, for which I am truly grateful.”

Couch says the trustees are generously working to help her and others who are living the same life sentence as social welfare beneficiaries.

“Whatever people think of Winston, I am very grateful for the donation by NZ First to the Trust. The money will be put to good use”


Susan Couch wrote that? Pull the other one. More like by the trustees who 'are generously working to help her'. With the taxpayers monies.

Where's the $158K Winston?

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