Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Solid Energy doing the right thing

Solid Energy wanted to show that drug and alcohol impairment at work was unacceptable.

We believe this programme of testing is a very effective way of reinforcing that message.

Stockton has the worst health and safety record inside Solid Energy. Probably the Wild West on the Coast.
Anyone with a positive reading, confirmed by a laboratory test, would be supported through a rehabilitation programme as appropriate and in line with Solid Energy's drug and alcohol policy

Since the EPMU is onside with such matters, I issue a challenge for all unions to advise their members that drugs and alcohol in the workplace will not be tolerated. Maybe independent random testing is a service that unions could sell to employers country-wide whilst keeping in close contact with potential memebership.

Eradication of such impairment in the workplace throughout NZ would lift productivity no end. And the perception that unions exist to serve their red political master maybe lessened somewhat long term.

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Anonymous said...

Solid Energy and its contractors at Stockton are stuck on the "process will produce outcomes". They are dealing with hard men and women in a difficult environment. To turnaround the H&S problem, they need to use a hands on approach and toss process out the door. All the tick box audits in the world will only produce the same results that they are already getting, and by their own admission they are failing.
The use of random drug and alcohol testing is long overdue, and the EPMU is to be congratulated for its stance.