Sunday, November 09, 2008

'is this worth losing the election over?'

Danyl McLauchlan, a lefty, critically examines and sums up why there is not a left government this morning.

I’m bitter and self-rightous because I’ve had a number of arguments over the last three years with friends in the Greens and Labour about things like the EFA, supporting Winston ect and I’ve constantly asked the question: ‘is this worth losing the election over?’

The reply was always something along the lines of ‘hopefully it won’t come to that.’

Well, guess what?

I’m bitter and self-righteous because it was REALLY fucking obvious this was how things were going to play out.

Already often in the gutter, some have descended into the sewer offering their rose-tinted partisan opinion. See here and here.

Go and have a look a Danyl's full piece. It is worth reading and sums up the road to a change in NZ government.

Was it really worth getting smacked over by the EFA and the anti-smacking bill?


homepaddock said...

Memo to National - learn from this so you don't repeat their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Homepaddock, and would add this prayer:
Please God, don't let Natinal get arrogant, smug, and self-righteous. And if any of National's leadership starts to exibit any of the aforementioned symptoms...SMITE THEM!

Anonymous said...

Fuck me (pardon the language PM).

I read Danyl's post shortly after it was posted this morning. Delicious honesty from a lefty blogger.

Only just read Trotter's bile (knew about it this morning but did want to go there). What planet is that guy on?

It was not a misognist reaction to Helen Clark.

In my view, four things conspired to rid us of Helen Clark.

Arrogance and highmindedness. Helen knew best about EFA and ETS etc. We got it whether we wanted it or not.

Pissing off the Polynesian vote. Labour bled party vote to National in South and West Auckland. Are the voters of Maungakiekie the smartest in NZ? I am pleased to say I predicted this one as well as Taupo, West Coast, Auckland Central and Otaki. Missed out in Ohariu but can't win 'em all.

NZF and Winston gone at 4.3% party vote. Hugh wasted vote.

A negative campaign by Helen (chief strategist) and Labour.

But blame the right wing if it makes you feel better Chris.