Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Electoral Commission confirms complaints filtered

In a last minute move, the Electoral Commission has confirmed it is actively filtering complaints.

Mr Hide said he did not know why the commission had taken so long to act, as the query was made in July.

A commission spokesman said the query did not go into its system when made in July and was picked up only when the complainant asked after it.

A complaint against Rodders in his canary suit was sidelined until the complainant asked where is the result. A slip up on their part.
The act requires "published election advertisements" to carry the authorisation of the party's financial agent - which Mr Hide's jacket does not.

While no complaints against Liarbour have been upheld, others against the Nats and Act have been actioned forthwith with negative outcomes. I wonder how many Liarbour ones have been sidelined through active filtering? Nothing to see here, move along!

Go figure. What else would be expected from an agency of the desperate and dateless Liarbour? Trust? I don't think so.

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