Friday, November 07, 2008

The Williams Effect

Named after the seismic shift in NZ politics so apparent after Mike William's muckraking tour of Melbourne last week.

With such a shift in effect, I can now vote with my heart.

1 tick for the Blue team.
1 tick for the Green team.

The order is not debatable, but don't panic on the green tick. It definitely won't be one for the tree hugging watermelons with their kiddie porn ads. And although it is a preferred second choice, it won't be Act as long as Roger is the mix. I really do like the sound of an underhang where such a vote could force a number of politicians out of a job along with all their attendant retinues. Go Bill and Ben.



Lucy said...

Just heard Helen Clark on the radio saying that she has official information act forms that show National has been trying to dig the dirt on her husband over the last few months and she hasnt bleeted over that.

Talk about desperate.

PM of NZ said...

Obviously there is no privacy in the OIA system. First thought, is how did she get to know about such requests?

Lucy said...

Exactly. I think this needs a little investigation.

Either she is lying and there was no such request (which I think is likely) or
She has access to the OIA system which leaves alot of other questions about the influence government may have.