Friday, November 07, 2008

"Change to what is the issue"

Damned right. Never a truer word uttered by her indoors.
Change to what is the issue.

You never have a change in government without a substantial change in policy being the consequence.

Bring the change on.

A change from the ever elusive Winston leading us on a merry dance in contorted legalese on the head of a pin.

A change from a corrupt government that does not listen to the people.

A change from a desperate government that sprays election bribes to all and sundry in an effort to retain control with redistribution of my taxes.

A change from a government pandering to the welfarism and Maorimander of this country.

A change from a government squandering my taxes on bureaucracy.

A change from a government that is soft on law and order.

A change from the negative personal gutter politics.

Need I go on?

Yes, I look forward to positive change. And as this election is all about trust, I look forward to the change to a government that I can trust.

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