Thursday, November 13, 2008


Something caught my eye over at Roarprawn in this post.
However we do know one thing that TransTasman doesn't - We have it on very good authority that Queen Bee is really none other than the vivacious blonde Sarah Palin look a like Cathy Wood.

So I went for look at the name. Very interesting results. Here also.
Exceltium Ltd is a New Zealand-based corporate & public affairs company. Based in the heart of the Auckland CBD, it provides full-service support for New Zealand and offshore clients with interests in the energy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, horticultural, forestry and finance sectors.

Owned by Matthew Hooton and Cathy Wood, Exceltium’s particular specialty is engaging with the political process to achieve commercial and other objectives for its clients.
Seems that a certain high rating, supposed right leaning website being a font of knowledge apparently well inside the beltway has suckered more than a few. Just a test site to guage public reaction for their clients? Even more so with The Policy Bog going off air. Is their job done?
That Cathy is FAR too devious to ever actually be caught blogging.

Even CK is surprised by BB's revelations (see comments on post at BB).

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Cactus Kate said...

PM of NZ, you need an overhaul with the change of administration.

Ms Wood is not Queen Bee.